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Dr. Anett Schülke

Manager, Chief Innovation Specialist

Group Involvement, NEC Laboratories Europe

AI Innovation Group
Data Science and Platform Division

Research Interests

Innovation Process Management
Applied Research for Public Safety Law Enforcement and Crime Investigations
Applied Research for Public Services


  • M. Schmidt, J. Gastinger, S. Nicolas, A. Schuelke. HAMLET - A Learning Curve-Enabled Multi-Armed Bandit for Algorithm Selection, International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2020;
  • M. Schmidt, S. Safarani, J. Gastinger, T. Jacobs, S. Nicolas, A. Schuelke. On the Performance of Differential Evolution for Hyperparameter Tuning, International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2019;
  • M Schmidt, A Schülke, A Venturi, R Kurpatov, EB Henríquez. Cyber-Physical System for Energy-Efficient Stadium Operation: Methodology and Experimental Validation, ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems 2 (4), 1-26, 2018;,
  • Edmund Widl, Tobias Jacobs, Daniel Schwabeneder, Sebastien Nicolas, Daniele Basciotti, Sawsan Henein, Tae-Gil Noh, Olatz Terreros, Anett Schuelke, Hans Auer. Studying the potential of multi-carrier energy distribution grids: A holistic approach, Energy (153), 519-529, 2018;
  • Tobias Jacobs, Sébastien Nicolas, Tae-Gil Noh, Anett Schuelke, Hans Auer, Daniel Schwabeneder, Edmund Widl, Daniele Basciotti, Sawsan Henein, Olatz Terreros. Case Studies of Energy Grid Hybridization in a Northern European City, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 2018;
  • Mischa Schmidt, M Victoria Moreno, Anett Schülke, Karel Macek, Karel Mařík, Alfonso Gordaliza Pastor. Optimizing legacy building operation: The evolution into data-driven predictive cyber-physical systems, Energy and Buildings (148), 257-279, 2017;


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