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Flavio Cirillo

Research Scientist

Group Involvement, NEC Laboratories Europe

IoT Group

Research Interests

Flavio Cirillo’s research topics include AI/ML applied to IoT and IoT analytics platforms, focusing on weak supervision ML models, cloud-edge, federation, and data usage control aspects, mainly in the scenario of Smart Cities. He has worked in many IoT related European research projects.


  • Cirillo, Flavio; Cheng, Bin; Porcellana, Raffaele; Russo, Marco; Solmaz, Gürkan; Sakamoto, Hisashi; Romano, Simon Pietro; IntentKeeper: Intent-oriented Data Usage Control for Federated Data Analytics; 2020 IEEE 45th Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), 2020, IEEE
  • Cirillo, Flavio; Gómez, David; Diez, Luis; Maestro, Ignacio Elicegui; Gilbert, Thomas Barrie Juel; Akhavan, Reza; Smart city IoT services creation through large-scale collaboration; IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2020, IEEE
  • Cirillo, Flavio; Capuano, Nicola; Romano, Simon Pietro; Kovacs, Ernö; LIoTS: League of IoT Sovereignties. A Scalable approach for a Transparent Privacy-safe Federation of Secured IoT Platforms; 2019 IEEE 44th Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), 2019, IEEE
  • Cirillo, Flavio; Solmaz, Gürkan; Berz, Everton Luís; Bauer, Martin; Cheng, Bin; Kovacs, Ernö; A standard-based open source IoT platform: FIWARE; IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, 2019, IEEE
  • Zanzi, Lanfranco; Cirillo, Flavio; Sciancalepore, Vincenzo; Giust, Fabio; Costa-Perez, Xavier; Mangiante, Simone; Klas, Guenter; Evolving multi-access edge computing to support enhanced IoT deployments; IEEE Communications Standards Magazine, 2019, IEEE
  • Cirillo, Flavio; Straeten, Detlef; Gomez, David; Gato, Jose; Diez, Luis; Maestro, Ignacio Elicegui; Akhavan, Reza; Atomic Services: sustainable ecosystem of smart city services through pan-European collaboration; 2019 Global IoT Summit (GioTS), 2019, IEEE
  • Solmaz, Gurkan; Wu, Fang-Jing; Cirillo, Flavio; Kovacs, Erno; Santana, Juan Ramón; Sánchez, Luis; Sotres, Pablo; Munoz, Luis; Toward understanding crowd mobility in smart cities through the internet of things; IEEE Communications Magazine, 2019, IEEE
  • Cirillo, Flavio; Wu, Fang-Jing; Solmaz, Gürkan; Kovacs, Ernö; Embracing the future internet of things; Sensors, 2019, MDPI
  • Sciancalepore, Vincenzo; Cirillo, Flavio; Costa-Perez, Xavier; Slice as a service (SlaaS) optimal IoT slice resources orchestration; GLOBECOM 2017-2017 IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2017, IEEE
  • Cheng, Bin; Solmaz, Gürkan; Cirillo, Flavio; Kovacs, Ernö; Terasawa, Kazuyuki; Kitazawa, Atsushi; FogFlow: Easy programming of IoT services over cloud and edges for smart cities; IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2017, IEEE
  • Bauer, Martin; Cheng, Bin; Cirillo, Flavio; Longo, Salvatore; Wu, Fang-Jing; Internet-of-Things Analytics for Smart Cities,Building Blocks for IoT Analytics; 2016, River Publishers
  • Cheng, Bin; Longo, Salvatore; Cirillo, Flavio; Bauer, Martin; Kovacs, Ernoe; Building a big data platform for smart cities: Experience and lessons from Santander; 2015 IEEE International Congress on Big Data, 2015, IEEE
  • Cirillo, Flavio; Jacobs, Tobias; Link discovery in social networks; 2014 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM 2014), 2014, IEEE
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