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Ernö Kovacs

Senior Manager

Group Involvement, NEC Laboratories Europe

IoT Group

Research Interests

Ernö Kovacs is interested in creating advanced technologies for the Internet-of-Things and the future Society 5.0.  With his team, he is addressing challenges of large scale edge-cloud systems, the creation of data spaces, and the research of how to create intelligent services. His team has created essential technologies and standards which are currently being used by over 200 cities in the world. The ETSI ISG CIM standard NGSI-LD is the foundation for products in Europe, Japan and India. It is the cornerstone of the FIWARE open source eco-system, defines the Connecting Europe Facility  (CEF) building block “Context Broker”, and is used by OASC (Open and Agile Smart Cities), IUDX (Indian Urban Data Exchange), the Korean CityHub strategic national project, and well as the Japanese SIP program for Smart Cities.


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