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System Platforms for AI and DES

Research Area

System Platforms for AI and DES

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings a huge variety of innovation opportunities by connecting physical and virtual objects with the cloud. NEC Laboratories Europe's IoT platform has become a part of the European Future Internet platform, FIWARE. It enables commercial applications to monitor and control smart cities. Our unique FogFlow technology provides scalability, efficient resource use and high data quality for edge-cloud systems. It offers convenient programming models for utilizing advanced IoT platform capabilities, such as AI engines at the edge for distributed analysis of IoT data streams.

As artificial intelligence becomes more commonly used in all aspects of human life, there is a growing need for
easy-to-use and highly scalable AI platforms. Our research addresses these needs by building highly performant and scalable implementations of neural networks that efficiently use available resources and achieve top performance on hardware accelerators.

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