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About Us
Who we are

NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH, located in Heidelberg, Germany was established in 1997. Since then we have been constantly fueled by new ideas and are passionate about bringing them to the real world. Among us there are researchers and experts from more than 25 countries, half of which are PhD holders, who have contributed to our excellent reputation in Europe. 

We orchestrate our research agenda with NEC's global research organizations in Japan, China, Singapore, India and the United States, as well as with NEC's business units in Japan. We transfer technology to business units as well as to global subsidiaries like the 200+ affiliates of NEC. We also have a framework for the creation of spin-offs to exploit technologies outside of NEC’s core business.

A defining attribute of NEC Laboratories Europe is our inclination towards open innovation. We collaborate with universities, research institutes, other corporate research centers and potential users in a co-creation mode, leading to breakthrough innovation combined with market-orientation.

We are based in the heart of Heidelberg, one of the most beautiful cities and the oldest university city in Germany. 

In 2018, Heidelberg ranked as second-best city in Germany for quality of living according to safety, health care, nature and free-time activities.

Dr. Heinrich Stüttgen

Former Vice President

Dr. Jürgen Quittek

Managing Director

Our Vision

We aim at developing technological breakthroughs that can be turned into sustainable business by the NEC Group, while contributing to our core social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency. We have worked hard to make NEC Labs Europe a world-class research organization and we will further strengthen it by maintaining our open innovation and cooperation culture. While technical trends and the business environment keep changing rapidly, the openness, diversity and multi-national backgrounds of our members is what keeps on fueling NLE’s ideation and adaptation capabilities.

Our Values

We fully identify with The NEC Way, the set of values at the basis of the whole NEC Group. Among these, we play a key role in NEC’s commitment “Look Outward. See the Future” which we embrace with a strong sense of responsibility. Our culture is also underpinned by the “NEC Group Code of Conduct”, which among others, declares our strong commitment to respect for diversity, privacy of individuals and using ICT to implement new work styles and improve productivity while keeping a balance between work and private life.

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