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NEC Scorpio NGSI-LD Context Broker promoted to full Generic Enabler of FIWARE for context management

Heidelberg, December 18, 2020 – NEC Scorpio NGSI-LD Context Broker, developed by NEC Laboratories Europe in collaboration with NEC Corporation India, was recently accepted as full Generic Enabler of FIWARE and is now a core component of the FIWARE ecosystem. The integration of Scorpio Context Broker in the FIWARE platform is a key milestone in the development of cloud-based and federated smart solutions.

FIWARE is an open source technology framework centered on the management of real-world context information. Examples include Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and smart city information. It supports the development of scalable smart solutions in different domains including smart cities, smart industry, smart energy and smart agrifood.

Scorpio Context Broker is the first complete implementation of the NGSI-LD API, standardized by the ETSI Industry Specification Group on cross-cutting Context Information Management (ETSI ISG CIM). With the NGSI-LD context interface, Scorpio Context Broker serves as a core component of the FIWARE Smart Reference Architecture and extends the capabilities of FIWARE context management by targeting cloud deployments.  

Scorpio Context Broker provides a common language for managing, discovering and accessing context information. It enables the decoupling of applications and services from specific underlying technologies, and supports the broad reuse of information across different application domains. "NGSI-LD provides the right abstraction level so applications can query or subscribe to the information they need without being tied to specific sources or technologies,” says Dr. Martin Bauer, Senior Researcher at NEC Laboratories Europe.

With Scorpio Context Broker, FIWARE technology deploys flexible, microservice architecture that both federates and scales information systems using real-time data. This supports the continued development and evolution of smart cities. Comments Dr. Ernoe Kovacs, Senior Manager of IoT systems at NEC Laboratories Europe, "As context management technology is maturing, the move to a linked data model with sound semantic grounding is an important step for the industry as it makes data understandable and sharable. The data economy needs this for faster growth and adoption.”

The new NGSI-LD standard and its implementation in FIWARE with Scorpio Context Broker is a significant step forward in the use of context information and will help further accelerate the adoption of FIWARE to build smart city digital infrastructure.

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