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NEC Offers Serverless Fog Computing in FIWARE as Generic Enabler

NEC Offers Serverless Fog Computing in FIWARE as Generic Enabler

Heidelberg, Germany, - June 3rd, 2019 – NEC Laboratories Europe develops serverless fog computing technology for data-intensive IoT services in its open source fog computing framework FogFlow. After passing a strict quality-check, FogFlow has finished its incubation period and now is a full member of the FIWARE Generic Enabler (GE) for fog computing in the FIWARE ecosystem.

Recently, server-less computing has become an emerging trend in cloud computing because its Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) model can largely simplify the way of programming and deploying cloud services at low cost. Service providers in areas like Smart Industry and Smart Cities are expecting to have the same benefits when programing and managing various IoT services over their cloud-edge infrastructure. However, existing solutions are inefficient when dealing with dynamic workload and service composition. To fill this gap, NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH has collaborated with NEC Solution Innovators to support context-driven serverless fog computing in its open source fog computing framework FogFlow.  

NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH has validated the server-less fog-computing framework in FogFlow with a set of service applications, such as smart parking, product inspection, and lost child finder. Furthermore, FogFlow is able to leverage serverless fog computing to support flexible IoT data and device integration, such as integrating with NEC’s NGSI-LD Broker and FIWARE IoT Agents.

A detailed description of FogFlow GE has been presented in form of technical talks, demos, and posters, at the FIWARE Summit in Genoa, Italy.

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