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Roberto Baldessari, MBA

 Roberto Baldessari

General Manager

Roberto Baldessari holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Padua, Italy, and an Executive MBA from the Mannheim Business School — Germany’s top business school. After working for Telecom Italia Laboratories in Turin, Italy, he joined NEC Laboratories Europe, where he is currently a member of the Management Board. Roberto is an experienced innovation manager who has led multi-competence teams and projects across our global organization, spanning numerous technical domains and corporate functional areas. His top priority is enabling NEC Laboratories Europe to generate an even higher business impact through its original technologies, which requires continuous review of strategy, organizational models and capabilities, as well as internal and external technology transfer schemes.

Group Involvement, NEC Laboratories Europe

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Research Interests

I am passionate about technology and driven by creating customer value through all types of business innovation. I believe in continuous professional betterment to be prepared for challenge and change. My strongest interest lies in innovation management methodologies and practices, which involve multi-disciplinary expertise and various organizational functions to gain a competitive edge and achieve growth.


  • Received the Frost & Sullivan 2012 New Product Innovation Award as product and team leader for NEC Laboratories Europe’s automotive V2X experimental platform
  • Established an NEC Laboratories Europe local spin-off acceleration program in cooperation with Heidelberg Startup Partners and NEC-X, which has led to the founding of two startups based on NEC Laboratories Europe’s technologies.
  • Editor of a European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standard that became a European Norm (EN 302 636-6-1) and contributed to various Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard drafts
  • Co-author of various patents and publications, especially in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) area
  • Various roles in multiple European projects and industry associations throughout the years
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