Job Openings : NEC Laboratories Europe in Heidelberg

The NEC Laboratories Europe in Heidelberg, Germany have immediate openings for the following positions:

Staff Openings

border=0 Research Scientist - Senior Researcher-[ref-nr 1408-139-SDN]
border=0 Secretary part-time- Sekretaerin in Teilzeit-[ref-nr 1407-140-Admin]
border=0 Software Engineer - Research Scientist -[ref-nr 1407-138-SEC]
border=0 Software Engineer - Software Specialist-[ref-nr 1407-137-ITS]
border=0 Research Scientist-[ref-nr 1406-135-WBN]
border=0 Solution Architect Core Network-[ref-nr 1405-134-STMC]
border=0 Chief Architect-[ref-nr 1405-133-STMC]
border=0 Programme Manager-[ref-nr 1405-132-STMC]
border=0 Solution Architect Access Network-[ref-nr 1405-131-STMC]
border=0 Research Scientist - Software Engineer-[ref-nr 1405-119-SGP]
border=0 Software Engineer-[ref-nr 1404-126-IT]
border=0 Research Scientist - Senior Researcher-[ref-nr 1404-122-MNS]
border=0 Research Scientist - Senior Researcher-[ref-nr 1404-120-SDN]
border=0 Research Scientist - Senior Researcher-[ref-nr 1312-108-ITS]

Student Openings

border=0 Internship - Extensions of Cooperative and Autonomous Vehicle Systems-[ref-nr 2014-06-34-ITS-Student]
border=0 Internship on Network Functions Virtualization with specialized VMs-[ref-nr 2014-08-36-NSDA]
border=0 Internship on Transportation Data Analytics-[ref-nr 2014-07-35-ITS]
border=0 Internship or Master Thesis on Scheduling of Real-World Actuator Systems-[ref-nr 2014-02-29-CSST]
border=0 Studentische Hilfskraft - Praktikant-[ref-nr 2013-11-28-IT]

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